Magystralna Str, 2
39701 Pischane
Kremenchuk district
Poltava region

Ph. +38 0536 700-238
Fax +38 0536 700-579
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By state body: "Kremenchutska ODPI"

Company registration (EDRPOU number): 13956473,

VAT TAX Code ID: 139564716035,

VAT TAX Registration Document No: 23486175


Investment ready structure


Investment Potential

Kremenchukgumotechnika invites to cooperation of foreign partners with famous name in precision molded rubber+metal field for creation at our baseline high profitable enterprise by using ready infrastructure of the plant, ukrainian salary advantages and nearness to Europe. Cooperation can be realized as in the form of investments for expanding of already existing production, as in form of joint construction of new production capacities.

The company:

  • BUDERUS BOILERhas reserve production space - about 2000 m2 to install additional equipment
  • can build new industrial facilities in shortest terms and with least costs
  • has free territory for constructing (about 15 000 m2)
  • has an opportunity to acquire lands from the state for own industrial purposes
  • has reserve and secured deliveries of the electric power (directly from two different electric mains 10000 KW, two transformers with automatic switch)
  • has natural gas source (we are near compressor station of the Russia-Europe gas transmission pipeline)
  • has Buderus 240-515 kW modern boiler room to warm the buildings
  • has coal (alternative fuel) 100 metric tons storage, open space for firewoods
  • has two solid-fuel boilers of 80 and 250 KW on firewoods or coal
  • has big mold storage section with special shelfs
  • has own tool shops, chromium coating, metal temperring, welding, cutting
  • has mold cleaning room of chemical (now) and blasting (2019 plan) types
  • has degreeasing section, phosphating metal treatment
  • has separate glue applying section, separate storage of precursors with state licence to use and transport
  • has nitrogen deflashing section with nitrogen storage tanks
  • has Atlas Copco compressor room and two big air accumulators
  • has cold water tanks and coolers for rubber mixing facility
  • has own concrete mixing plant on the territory
  • has own road
  • has own bus and transport, all construction engeenering technics including tractor/excavator, road roller, concrete mixing truck, tip lorry, loader etc
  • is situated in 4,5 kilometers from the nearest proximal settlement, that is very important in the ecological attitude
  • able to pick up competent staff for new production
  • has all technicals and repair staff in team now
  • all shops are 6 m high and all are equipped with overhead cranes
  • has industrial fancing, lightings on the territory and security with camcoders
  • has office building with factory canteen
  • is fully private enterprise


We are sure that together we can find with you mutually advantageous directions of activity. From ours part we guarantee a honesty and decency in relations with partners. We think that Ukraine will be a part of European economy, like Hungary, Czech and Slovak Republics, Poland, Slovenia etc. So we are preparing our company structure for supply of rubber products to european customers.

Business proposals, please, send by e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Manufacturing processes

Kremenchukgumotechnika has complete cycle of rubber-metal articles manufacturing, which allows to be competetive on World market.

Our in-house facilities

  • Tool Manufacturing - see REPRODUCTION
  • Rubber Molding Machines (Presses)
  • Full Rubber Compound Manufacturing Facilities (Mixing)
  • Measuring, Rubber Laboratory and Oil-Seals Testing Equipment
  • Full Range of Finishing Equipment (Automatic & Manual Rubber Trimming)
  • Preforming (Barwell), Rubber Compound Sheet Cutting (Lengthwise, Crosswise), Calendering
  • Metal Stamping Presses (up to 160 ton), High Productivity Automatic Stamping Lines
  • Metal Preparations, Metal Treatment
  • Galvanizing: Phosphating, Zinc-plating, Chromium-plating
  • Adhesive production, automatic glue applying, drying
  • Oil-seals Spring-forming & Spring-joining
  • Ovens, Thermostats
  • Mold Cleaning Equipment
  • Nitrogen Deflashing equipment
  • Storage Facilities, Transforming Station, Compressed Air Production and Accumulation, Boiler house etc.

Processes of P.P. “Kremenchukgumotechnika” in oil-seals production:

  • Tooling producing (Stamps, incl. Compound Die, Molds, Special tools, Automatons)
  • Heat treatment, Chromium coating, Polishing etc
  • Tool incoming inspection
  • Storage
  • Mold cleaning
Metal Case
  • Metal Inspection
  • Metal Storage
  • Metal Preparing for Automatic Stamping (roll), or for Manual Stamping - guillotine
  • Metal Inserts stamping on automatic lines (from 200 pcs/min), manual stamping.
  • Metal Case Storage
  • Phosphate Treatment. Semi-Automatic Galvanic Line
  • Adhesive preparing
  • Adhesive applying (automatic and manual)
Rubber material
  • Incoming inspection
  • Storage
  • Compounding
  • Rubber Physical Testing
  • Rubber Calendering and Cutting
  • Preforming (forming of raw rubber material)
  • Molding (Machines 3RT)
  • High Precision Post curing (computer controlled)
  • Spring forming
  • Spring joining
  • Thermostating of springs
Trimming and postprocess machining
  • Edge cutting of oil-seals with opened or rubbered metal case on fully automatic and manual machines
  • High precision Polishing of small rubber parts (for example, brake rubber parts with all working surfaces)
  • Punching etc.
Quality control
  • Ready Parts Inspection, Assembling (Spring loading) and packing
  • Storage and shipping, logistics
  • Testing Laboratory controls processes on all stages

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Tool making

Own Tool Shop

Kremenchukgumotechnika has own tool manufacturing shop (1100 m2), which includes design department on it's second floor.

Possibilities of toolroom

At our toolroom base we produce press tools (i.e. compound die) for manufacturing of metal inserts (i.e. metal case of shaft seals), rubber moulds, special tool, technological devices and automatons. Our engineers work in close interconnection with technologists, that allows us to produce tooling for rubber-metal products in shortest terms. Complete cycle of internal mold making includes heat treatment (furnacing) and hard chromium (Cr) coating. Fabrication term for any new rubber-metal product under customer's drawings usually does not exceed 1 month.

Tooling facilities include:

  • Engineering and design department with 2D and 3D graphics CAD systems
  • Metal cutting (saw) machine
  • Section of semi-automatic welding and torch cutting
  • Metal heat treatment (tempering) section with various muffle furnaces and shaft furnaces
  • CNC machines, joined with 3D CAD/CAM software on PCs
  • Coordinate drilling section CNC milling machines
  • Compound-table milling machine
  • Planning (straightening) machine
  • Slotting machine
  • Section of various grinding machines (circular grinding, surface-grinding)
  • Several CNC and precision turning lathe machines Pillar drilling machines and CNC drilling machine
  • Electroerosion section
  • Section of a galvanic chromium coating
  • Polishing machines
  • Pressing & Assembling section
  • Tool crib Instrumental tool-grinding (sharpening) section
  • Rubber Testing Laboratory works in close interconnection with tooling shop engineers

When production of rubber-metal products, everything, that is necessary from the customer - his requirements specification.

Brief Company Description



The factory was established in 1987. A form of ownership is private. Thirty years experience in production of oil-seals allowed the company to take leading position on local and CIS market and to become a supplier of components for assemble lines of largest machinery plants of Ukraine and their subcontractors.

Middle-size growing structure

Molding process

Personnel of the company is 70 people, manufacturing area - more then 5000 m2 on the territory of 2.5 hectare. Company is growing quickly, equipment is modernising, new facilities are building.

Main products 

Kremenchukgumotechnika specialize in production of rotary shaft seals with garter spring (oil-seals of rotating shafts). Main product group - rubber-metal bounded seals. But also company makes:

  • rubber parts for brake systems
  • silent-blocks
  • protective rubber boots
  • different rubber plugs
  • caps and grommets for cablesystems
  • water and gear pump seals
  • cardan shaft seals
  • rubber glands and gaskets
  • shock-absorber seals
  • vibration isolators or mounts
  • o-rings
  • other packing elements from special elastomers

Complete production of shaft seals

All processes of oil-seals fabrication, including making of tooling and metal parts, are concentrated inside the factory, that allows company:

  • to control the quality of products on all production phases,
  • considerably makes cheaper the cost price,
  • let quickly produce tooling for new products.

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Full service to customer

Our technical team can help you in design development and in material selection. Finished products will be manufactured precisely under your requirements specification.


Quality system ISO 9001:2015 certified no. UA 8O072.13956473.1-2017 confirmed 27/12/2017, valid till 26/12/2020.

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