Tool making

Own Tool Shop

Kremenchukgumotechnika has own tool manufacturing shop (1100 m2), which includes design department on it's second floor.

Possibilities of toolroom

At our toolroom base we produce press tools (i.e. compound die) for manufacturing of metal inserts (i.e. metal case of shaft seals), rubber moulds, special tool, technological devices and automatons. Our engineers work in close interconnection with technologists, that allows us to produce tooling for rubber-metal products in shortest terms. Complete cycle of internal mold making includes heat treatment (furnacing) and hard chromium (Cr) coating. Fabrication term for any new rubber-metal product under customer's drawings usually does not exceed 1 month.

Tooling facilities include:

  • Engineering and design department with 2D and 3D graphics CAD systems
  • Metal cutting (saw) machine
  • Section of semi-automatic welding and torch cutting
  • Metal heat treatment (tempering) section with various muffle furnaces and shaft furnaces
  • CNC machines, joined with 3D CAD/CAM software on PCs
  • Coordinate drilling section CNC milling machines
  • Compound-table milling machine
  • Planning (straightening) machine
  • Slotting machine
  • Section of various grinding machines (circular grinding, surface-grinding)
  • Several CNC and precision turning lathe machines Pillar drilling machines and CNC drilling machine
  • Electroerosion section
  • Section of a galvanic chromium coating
  • Polishing machines
  • Pressing & Assembling section
  • Tool crib Instrumental tool-grinding (sharpening) section
  • Rubber Testing Laboratory works in close interconnection with tooling shop engineers

When production of rubber-metal products, everything, that is necessary from the customer - his requirements specification.